Transport Engineering Design Inc. (TEDI), formerly known as Transport Design Institute, was established on 27th December 1962. During more than 53 years of development, TEDI has changed its operating model by 10 times, from an Institute into a Company, then a Corporation, then an One member limited liability company and since June 2014, TEDI became a joint stock company (JSC) with less than 50% of State ownership.

Regardless of various changes in its enterprise operating models, TEDI continuously improves its capacity and technology, in order to promptly achieve great successes in field of transport construction consulting all over Asia as well as the world. TEDI has been in vanguard of implementing new techniques and technologies from developed countries in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency in Vietnam transport construction consulting. Thus, TEDI will gradually keep pace with large consulting firms in the world. It also has successfully maintained ISO 9001:2008 quality management in its operation and corporate governance. Moreover, TEDI always undertakes a mission that is “Quality of services provided will represent our prestige and honor”.

The core values “Be in the vanguard — Be Brave and Resilient — Be Intelligence and Creative” have been promoted by all TEDI staffs and reflected in its performance, technology research and application, as well as social responsibility etc. From that, the prestige and position of TEDI are strengthened, marking a remarkable contribution to the development of Vietnam transport construction and infrastructure.


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Transport Engineering Design Inc.
Address: 278 Ton Đuc Thang, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Tel/Fax: (+84.4)38514431 / (+84. 4)38514980