tong-giam-docConsulting is a field of intellectual activity, consultancy products are a kind of ideal intellectual products to meet and satisfy all demands of customers. Counsuling activities include the types of activities having organic relations, which are Research – Information – Training – Technical Assistance. So as to meet the increasingly high demands of customers, TEDI has constantly learned and improved the capacity to be able to go one step ahead.

Over the past years, TEDI has been developed comprehensively and strongly in both quality and quantity. Most of large projects of transport sector have been completed and put into use with the efforts and intellectual contribution of TEDI members. A variety of construction works; such as Vinh Tuy, Thu Thiem, Rach Mieu and Can Tho bridges, Lang Hoa Lac, Gie Ninh Binh and Ho Chi Minh city Trung Luong expressway, Vung Ang and Cai Lan ports; have changed transportation infrastructure and contributed greatly to the national industrialization and modernization.

Training human resources as well as building a team of consulting specialists and engineers to meet the increasingly high demands are always regarded as the primary task to be completed in TEDI. Furthermore, TEDI has successfully built and applied the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 according to international standards. TEDI is the first consulting firm in the transport sector to be awarded the international certificate of quality management system ISO 9001 with the target of boosting consulting services quality and orientating the corporation towards customers and community benefits.

TEDI builds and forms its own traditional culture; considers quality, reputation and responsiveness as the principal target of a consulting corporation; develops internal resources as well as inherit science technology achievements and advanced management organizations in the world; to take advantage of integration opportunities for development.

With more than 53 years experiences and a tradition, when facing new requirements, especially after Vietnam joined WTO, every subsidiasies and individual of TEDI always tries their best to advance and enhance the quality of service products in order to satisfy all the needs of the market and society, contributing to create huge, glorious and sustainable constructions for the country, making TED I’s mark.