1. Name of the project: Buon Ho bypass project, belongs to the Ho Chi Minh highway project.
  2. Location: Daklak province
  3. Year of commencement: 2016
  4. Year of completion: 2019
  1. Project details

– Starting point (Km0): Pong Drang commune, Krong Buk district, Dak Lak province (corresponding to Km1728 + 200 according to the current Ho Chi Minh road route).

– End point (Km26 + 060): Ea Doong commune, Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak province (corresponding to Km1757 + 800 route according to the current Ho Chi Minh road route).

– Route length: 26.06 km

– Scope of the project: Going through Krong Buk district, Cu M’gar district and Buon Ho town – Dak Lak province.

Scale and technical standards:

– Completion scale: 80-100 km highway, including 4-6 lanes.

– Scale of the first phase: Grade IV road, width of road base B = 9m, including 2 motor lanes (TCVN 4054-2005). Particularly, the elements of the road surface are considered and applied according to the size of the expressway so that it can be fully utilized when upgrading and expanding according to the planning scale in the future.

     2. Total investment

– Total investment value is VND 575,966,000,000 (In words: Five hundred and seventy five billions, nine hundred and sixty six millions dong only).