TEDI deeply aims at building its own original culture for its member companies with the mission of “Creating sustainable value for each construction project”; the vision of “Maintaining the position as one of the top construction consultants within Vietnam, reaching out regionally and internationally “; and the core values including “Independence – Creativity – Honesty – Responsibility“.

Sustainable development is the utmost prerequisite in all strategy programs and action plans of TEDI. TEDI keeps strengthening and elevating its established position in the market of investment and transportation infrastructure construction consultancy; as well as gradually building a strong consultancy brand in fields of urban infrastructure, industry, irrigation and environment.

The TEDI, parent company, coordinates and regulates strategies, technology and capital for TEDI’s Subsidiaries. We focus on developing traditional sectors, properly expanding business lines; improving trading in close relation of growing high quality human resources, applying modern technology innovatively, and constantly improving corporate administration methods. TEDI grows based on the quality, distinction and originality in every single one of its products.

We wholeheartedly concern on establishing a dynamic and professional working environment, creating the utmost encouraging opportunities for all staffs to maximize their creativity and dedication through incentive policies and internal regulations.

TEDI unceasingly concentrates on training human resources as well as building staff investment strategies. Managers and engineers in different fields regularly have chances to be equipped and introduced to new technology and knowledge through intensive training programs, on-job training, and field study tours.

TEDI’s Party and Union organizations always strive at the target of comprehensive development for the whole company, taking good care of proper employees’ rights. We usually host and set up many activities including propagating and education of legal and specialized knowledge along with  cultural and sport games and tournaments …

TEDI is consistently aware of relating its business responsibilities to the community and society. This is practically realized through various constructions and projects that bring high efficiency and benefits to the community. TEDI also attends and carries out a lot of social and charitable activities both initiated by the Government and local authority or actively implemented/inaugurated by TEDI itself./.