With more than 50 years history of establishment, growing, recently, Transport Engineering Design Inc. has boosted its development in recent years.
So far, the Corporation has completed its privatization process and now operating as an fully private joint stock company.
To develop the Corporation to a regional and international consultant firm, firmly establishing ourselves in the market economy in the process of integration and further development, all staffs of TEDI and its subsidiaries together build a stronger business.
1. Inheriting and promoting good traditions in more than 50 years development history, all employees of the Corporation stands united under the leadership of the TEDI’s Party Committee, Board of Members, Board of Leaders and all subsidiaries.
Unity is a precious tradition and also the most fundamental cause to create the strength of the Corporation to overcome all challenges, fulfill all missions and plans. Practicality has shown that all the achievements that the Corporation has obtained in the past 50 years share the same reasons, which are unanimity and “consensus” culture of TEDI.
2. Managers of all levels are always highly dedicated to the profession, to employees, and to the Cooperation’s development. They should be good examples with open mind for learning, progressing and become the locomotives driving “the train” ahead.
3. In building and developing human resources, equal focus is placed on raising qualifications of the employees and on finding talents, training staff and experts in each area. Our slogan – “Human is decisive factor to a consulting company’s development” – is always observed.
4. Quality of products and consulting services is the key to our prestige and viability.
Product quality is created and secured by people. Meanwhile, maintenance and development of the Quality Management System according to ISO 900l are controlled by division leaders in order to supervise and control all survey and design products of the Corporation.
5. Maintaining and developing good relations with customers: We consider increasingly improved customer service is the golden motto to each employee.
The Corporation never stops to upgrade our customer services, satisfy customers by high quality consulting services and survey and design products. Consulting service rendering activities aim more highly at social benefits and community’s sake.
6. Ceaselessly learning and acquiring technical advancement, new technologies to apply in survey and design area, and transport capital construction.
The consulting area is extended in dynamic, creative manner, and high courage. Technical advancement and new technologies are applied. We cooperate closely with engineering companies, authorities to ensure the success of new technology application, which will quickly be disseminated to several works.
7. Good care of staff’s benefits and social activities
Our care for staff’s benefit starts from employment provision, good salary and incentive policies, and other supports such as accommodation, and other life supports, so that the staff can be loyal to their company and consider the Corporation their big family.
Each employee are well awared of their responsibilities and duties in social activities, following social policies of the Communist Party and the State, building good traditions and culture shared by the entire Corporation.