Bridge – Tunnel

With nearly 60 years of construction and development, Bridge-Tunnel field of TEDI has been growthed with the nation’s transportation projects. From initial simple bridges, post-war restoration works, after receiving new science and technology, TEDI has mastered the technology of designing large and especially large bridge constructions with many types of structures. such as suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridge, arch bridge .., constructions with high architectural aesthetics and complex techniques requirements. In the field of tunnel, after cooperating with foreign consultants to implement a number of tunnel projects, TEDI has now fully mastered the technology of tunnel design and supervision and has successfully implemented in many projects.

Currently, TEDI can provide consulting services for all types of Bridge-Tunnel projects, fully meet the requirements of customers, including:

  • Large span and exceptionally large bridge;
  • High bridge;
  • Viaduct with many span;
  • Urban intersections;
  • Tunnel through the mountain;
  • Tunnel across the river;
  • Urban tunnels;
  • Tunnel TBM.

Bridge – Tunnel Projects