Vietnam has a long coastline, dense river systems, developed waterway transport, so the Port industry has also been built soon since the establishment of TEDI. With nearly 60 years of experience, TEDI is honored to be involved in almost all port projects and inland waterways projects throughout the country. Up to now, the Port-Waterway field is TEDI’s strength and TEDI is one of Vietnam’s leading consulting units in this field.

TEDI provides reputable and high quality surveying consulting services in the fields of port, waterway, shipbuilding and other technical infrastructure projects. With a team of experienced staff, modern design survey technology along with the application of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015, we wish to give our best and wisdom to serve customers better and better.

Equipment, software used for surveying and designing port and waterway constructions has always been concerned and invested by TEDI. All equipment, software, technology used in survey, specialized design of port and waterway that TEDI has used for many years has been appreciated highly by many domestic and foreign investors (Hong Kong, USA, France, UK, Japan, Belgium …).

With a team of experienced engineers and modern equipment, TEDI is fully capable of providing the following survey services:

  • Surveying terrestrial topography and depth measurement;
  • Hydrographic survey: Waves, currents, water levels, sediment transport …
  • Observing meteorological factors: wind, temperature and air pressure, precipitation, foresight …
  • Seismic sound survey;
  • Geological engineering survey:
    + Drilling on land, drilling in water (river, sea);

    + Testing SPT in the field,  Field cutting experiments;

    + Testing of physical and chemical criteria of rock, soil and sediment samples.

    + In addition to modern survey equipment, TEDI is using a lot of famous and copyrighted software to carry out design and survey works.

    Port and Waterway Projects