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In addition to the main transport sector, a number of indispensable fields such as topography, geological and hydrology have been formed and developed in parallel to provide foundation information to complete the design – survey cycle. In addition, along with the development of society in general and the transport sector in particular, the creation of architectural highlights, building a support system for management, control, operation, exploitation and maintenance of the transport system, Information and environmental impact assessment are also interested in researching and applying into practice very early. Up to now, these complementary fields with human resources, equipment as well as nearly 60 years of experience in implementing domestic and foreign projects can meet any complex requirements of Customers for construction projects of transport, civil, industrial and technical infrastructure.


Architectural Design consultancy is to give ideas and solutions for an architectural construction with professional knowledge, professional enthusiasm, orientation of reasonable design solutions, meeting the following requirements: Comfort, appropriate functions; Sustainable to bring customer satisfaction.
In the past years, Architecture and Civil Engineering Consultants (TEDI-AC) is a unit of TEDI, with a team of professional architects, experienced in many constructions and projects that are always enthusiastic to bring satisfaction to all customers. TEDI-AC has designed many civil and industrial constructions and contributed a part in the design of a number of construction items for the transportation industry on the roads contribute to the management, service and exploitation of the roads, with the aim of designing the architecture of beautiful constructions, in harmony with the landscape on the roads.

Civil & architectural design consultancy services include:

  1. Construction architecture and toll gate
  2. Roadside station architecture
  3. Landscape architecture of green trees
  4. Architecture of civil and industrial projects

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Trạm thu phí Cẩm Phả

Trạm thu phí Lào Cai – Sapa

Trụ sở TEDI – Hà Nội

Trạm thu phí Lào Cai – Sapa

Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) is a support system to improve safety and improve traffic services, allowing automated in management of operations.

The goal of the ITS system is to reduce accidents, traffic congestion, and reduce environmental pollution; saving time, costs and fuel, creating maximum favorable conditions for travel and freight; modernization of automatic non-stop tollgate..

ITS was built to support the management, control, operation and maintenance on highways, bridges, tunnels … when operating. The system has the function of collecting, processing, deciding and communicating control information and orders to the management departments and traffic participants in order to timely grasp the status of operation, coordination and handling to ensure  traffic safety, improving the quality and efficiency of traffic works.

Basic ITS system includes:

Main system Component system
Traffic management system Data collection system Closed-Circuit Television system (CCTV)
Vehicle detection system (VDS)
Weighing-in-Motion System (WIM)
Traffic information provision system Variable Message Signs (VMS, LCS)
Internet information system
Weather information system
FM radio
System of traffic management center Traffic control signaling system
Traffic event management system
ITS device monitoring system
Communication system Radio communication system
Internal phone system
SOS phone system
Transmission system Fiber optic transmission system
Service fee collection system

Manual Toll collection  (MTC)

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

Outstanding achievements: TEDI has participated in many highways projects with ITS construction such as Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway, Ha Long – Van Don expressway, Van Don – Mong Cai expressway, North-South highway project. … Particularly for the North-South Expressway Project in the east, TEDI has planned the overall configuration, directly designed the entire ITS for phase 1 of the project with a total length of more than 654km.

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Dự án đường bộ cao tốc Bắc Nam phía Đông

Dự án Trung tâm điều hành ITS cho mạng lưới đường bộ cao tốc phía Bắc

Trung tâm điều hành tuyến cao tốc Hà Nội – Hải Phòng

Trạm thu phí tuyến cao tốc Hà Nội – Hải Phòng

Consulting services:

  • Consulting, investigating and making environmental and social documents for investment projects (including projects using ODA support capital such as: Strategic Environmental Assessment (ĐMC / SEA); Environmental impact assessment (ĐTM / EIA); Initial Environmental examination (IEE); Policy Framework and Compensation, Resettlement Assistance (RAP); Social impact assessment (SIA) ); Environmental management plan (EMP, ESMP);
  • Environmental monitoring and analysis (Mornitoring);
  • Survey and Design for environmental works (noise-proof walls, waste water treatment);
  • Environment Supervision during construction and operation of the project;
  • Consultation on dossiers of granting environmental permits: permits for exploitation of underground water, discharging, sinking …);
  • Examining and appraising documents related to the environment and social fields;
  • Survey of environmental and social information in large-scale;
  •  Survey and building map on ecology, hydrology, and environmental geology.

Experience capacity:

  • Having business license for environmental consultancy;
  • Having more than 15 years of experience and a large team of experts with experience in fields related to the environment (environment, society, ecology, hydrology MT, MT geology, MT chemistry, pine map) geographic information);
  • Certification of eligibility for environmental monitoring according to Decree No. 27/2013 / ND-CP. VIMCERTS Number: 059.
  • Having a standard laboratory for construction materials and environment.

Outstanding achievements:

  • TEDI-ENVICO has consulted to prepare EIA reports for about 300 large and small construction projects in Vietnam and in the countries of Laos and Cambodia … The projects that have been implemented are complicated such as expressways and seaports projects; or Projects in conservation areas such as National Parks, Protected Areas, Wetlands; protection forests … and are deployed in areas with difficult terrain such as border areas, rugged mountainous areas, or terrain areas with diverse transitions …
  • TEDI-ENVICO is always trusted and appreciated by the Investors because of its professionalism and product quality approved by the Appraisal Council from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Transport and the provincial Departments of Environment. The success rate for the Project is 100%.

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Dự án đầu tư xây dựng cầu Đại Ngãi Quốc lộ 60, tỉnh Trà Vinh và Sóc Trăng

Nâng cấp, mở rộng cảng Tiên Sa – Đà Nẵng (Giai đoạn II)

Dự án Phát triển Giao thông xanh Thành phố Hồ chí Minh (GTX – TP HCM) gồm 2 hợp phần

Dự án Nạo vét luồng Soài Rạp (giai đoạn 2)

Technical infrastructure consultant field of TEDI has been built and developed since 1995, along with the period of urban renewal and development nationwide. Currently, Vietnam is one of the fastest urbanizing countries in the world with about 34 million people living in urban areas, the urbanization rate is approximately 40%, the investment in technical infrastructure includes transportation, water supply, drainage, trenches and technical tunnels, lighting, electricity and communication, fire prevention and fighting are important bases in urban development and raising people’s life.

TEDI with the strength, experience and understanding in the project of Hanoi Transport Planning and Danang Transport Planning, TEDI is ready to create and accompany with Investors in creating a modern technical infrastructure system for urban centers across the country.

TEDI has surveyed and designed transport projects including technical infrastructure. The completed projects have created an urban highlight, contributing to building increasingly green, civilized and modern cities.

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Dự án đường giao thông quanh khu tưởng niệm danh nhân Chu Văn An huyện Thanh Trì

Trần Quốc Nghiễn (đoạn từ cầu Bài Thơ đến điểm đấu nối đường bao biển Hạ Long- Cẩm Phả ), TP Hạ Long

mở rộng QL18 từ Minh Khai (nút giao với Đường cao tốc HN- Hải Phòng) tới nút giao ngã ba Hùng Thắng, TP. Hạ Long.

Đường Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, quận 1 và quận Bình Thạnh, TP Hồ Chí Minh

TEDI has established survey Teams and Divisions since its inception (1962); TEDI always focuses on updating and applying new scientific and technical achievements in the world and is interested in investing in human resources as well as production equipment so the field of Construction Survey of TEDI has been growing more and more.

With a team of leading experts trained at domestic and abroad, with modern machines and equipment, experience in implementing large and complex projects, TEDI’s field of construction survey not only provides basic information for the Transport industry (bridges, tunnels , roads, railways, waterways, aviation) but also can meet the requirements of many domestic and foreign projects in the fields of civil construction, industry, hydropower and irrigation. Field of construction survey include:

Topographic  and hydrographic survey
Geophysical  survey, construction materials
geophysical survey
Geotechnical experiments & constructions quality control
Observe and investigate underground and geotechnical constructions
Scientific research and survey technology transfer

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