Phase I: from 1961 to 1978

Year 1961

Roads, Waterway Design Istitute and Railway Design Institute

Year 1962

Transport Engineering Design Institute

Year 1978

Transport Engineering Design Institute and Waterway Survey Design and Survey Institute
Phase II: from 1978 to 1982

Year 1978

Transport Design Institute and Waterway Design and Survey Institute

Year 1982

Transport Design Institute
Phase III: from 1982 to 2004

Year 1990

Establishment of International Association Company: Asean Pacific Engineering Company-(APECO)

Year 1993

Transport Engineeering Design Inc. (TEDI)

Year 1995

Transport Engineeering Design Inc. with 5 sub-companies

Year 2004

Equitization of Subsidiary companies, TEDI operates under the model of holding company
Phase IV: from 2014 to the present

Year 2014

Transport Engineeering Design Inc. – JSC