1. Design consultancy services associated with TEDI brand name since its inception (in 1962) with the name Design Institute and TEDI is the leading consultancy in the field of surveying and designing transport constructions.
  2. TEDI provides technical design, detailed design service for transport constructions for all construction levels, from grade IV to special grade and all types of constructionss: road, railway, bridge – tunnel, port – waterway, airport;
  3. TEDI affirms its brand in the field of civil engineering design, urban infrastructure, technical infrastructure, irrigation, ….
  4. TEDI has exploited, maintained and expanded the provision of design services in Laos, Cambodia, and several Asian countries.
  5. With tradition and experience, TEDI is always the first choice of Investors to conduct surveys, design of large projects with complex and specific technical properties.
    1. There is a strong team of experts, design engineers in all specializations, reflected through the organizational structure of the parent company and 12 subsidiaries and TEDI branch distributed throughout the country.
    2. TEDI conducts surveys and designs of key national projects such as National highway No.1, Ho Chi Minh road, North-South expressway, etc. and most of the major projects with complex properties on all kind of terrain and geologival conditions.
    3. TEDI is also the organization chosen by the Investors to design, plan anti-slip treatment solutions, weak foundation treatment, and design projects using new technologies.
        1. Consulting products and services of TEDI are strictly controlled by quality management system ISO 9001:2015
        2. Internal review system, Quality Control process by experienced, highly qualified professionals.
        3. TEDI has a scientific and technological council of leading experts to research and handle important issues in construction design.
          1. TEDI always applies and takes control of new technologies in survey and design; references new standards and research results in the world to practice consulting activities for each project.
          2. In addition to the powerful design software previously equipped, TEDI always buys updates and applies new, advanced softwares in design such as building information model (BIM), TEKLA structure software, etc.

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