1. Project name: Cam Kim bridge construction investment project on NH.14H, Quang Nam province .
  2. Location: Cam Kim bridge at Km10 + 730 of QL.14H across Thu Bon river in Hoi An city and Cam Kim commune, Quang Nam province.
  3. Year of commencement: 2019
  4. Year of completion: Commencement: 2020.

Project’s outstanding features:

– Total length of the project route is 1107 m, in which the bridge section is 739m long, the road section is 368m long.

– Technical standards:

+ Road grade: Plain road grade III, design speed of 60 km/h according to TCVN4054-2005 standard.

Design frequency P = 1% for bridges, P = 4% for roads.

+ Cross section Bc bridge = 12m; Roadbed = 12 m (including 2 motorized lanes 2×3.5m = 7m, 2 rudimentary lanes 2×2.0m).

+ Bridge design standards: TCVN 11823:2017; Design load HL93; Pedestrians 0.003 Mpa.

+ Loads of ships and ships corresponding to river class III (BxH = 40mx7m).

Earthquake grade: level VI (scale MSK-64) according to TCVN 9386: 2012.

– The bridge is designed with the diagram: 41.6 + 3×45 + 4×45 + 41.6 + 55 + 90 + 55 + 41.6 + 45 + 41.6 (m).

+ The height of box girder varies from 5.4m on the top of piers to 2.4m between the main span and the end of the side span.

Description of advanced science, technology and software applications:

TEDI applies new technology in design. Use specialized software based on finite element methods to calculate flat structures, space for the problems of static dynamics, dynamics, aerodynamics and stability in the fields of bridge design – tunnels such as: RM2000, RM2006, RM2010, RM V8i, MCOC, 3DPILE, FB-PIER, MISES3 …; road design using PCSLOPE, PCSIGMA, GEOSLOPE / W, NOVACAD, NOVATDN … software