1. Name of the project: Preparation of FS report and Detailed design of Dung Quat Port
  2. Location: Quang Ngai Province
  3. Year of commencement:  
  4. Year of completion: 2008

Scale of berths to accommodate vessels up to 30,000 DWT for cargo handling and load reduced woodchip vessels of 70,000 DWT for cargo handling.

Services provided by TEDI in this project: Collect documents, survey, prepare investment projects, apply for investment licenses, obtain construction permits and detailed design

Dung Quat Berth No.1 has a high-pile structure made of reinforced concrete piles on a bored pile foundation D1000;; The distance of the piles in the horizontal direction of the berth is 5.0m, along the length of the berth is 5.4m; The system of horizontal and vertical beams has a beam height of 175cm, a width of 120cm; The 35cm thick reinforced concrete deck # 35 is covered with # 200 concrete layer of 15cm thick.

The wharf is designed as an offshore wharf with two leading piers of 40m long and 15m wide; The berth has a length of 290m is divided into 2 stages of investment. Phase 1 invested 145m wharves (2 segments) and phase 2 invested 145m wharves (the remaining 2 segments); The height of the berth is + 4.0m; bottom elevation of berth is -12.0m