1. Project name: Thai Ha Bridge
  2. Location: Hung Ha Dist., Thai Binh province and Ly Nhan Dist., Ha Nam Province.
  3. Year of commencement: 2015
  4. Year of completion:2016

      Highlights of the project

      The main bridge is a reinforced concrete box girder bridge constructed by balance cantilever method. The span diagram is 72 + 3 × 120 + 72m. The main bridge length is 504m. Cross section includes a box. – Total width of bridge cross section is 12m.

      Description of advanced science, technology and software applications:

      • The main bridge is using balanced cantilever technology with 5 continuous cantilever spans of 120m and a total length of 504m.
      • D600mm prestressed piles were used for the main bridge, the first project in the Northern region to apply prestressed pile technology.
      • The main bridge was modeled by RM V8i software, localized by Midas FEA, pile pier calculations by FB Pier. In the construction phase, control the camber by RM V