1. Project name: The flyover at Co Linh str. and Vinh Tuy bridge road intersection
  2. Location: Long Bien dist., Hanoi city
  3. Year of commencement: 2016
  4. Year of completion:2017

      Highlights of the project

      The flyover consists of 5 spans of cast in place reinforced concrete box girder, The flyover is 211m long and 12m wide

      Description of advanced science, technology and software applications:

      • Using steel box girder structure with cast in place reinforced concrete, main span 60m, with HL93 load. Calculating bridges by RM V8i software.
      • Selecting reasonable structural plans, reducing work construction expenses (Using the 2-body pier plan to avoid box culverts along the direction of Co Linh road, reducing the volume of steel beams);
      • Using vertical box culvert solution for the access road to reduce construction time, reduce soft soil treatment costs.
      • Design solutions have saved the volume of works, guaranteed progress, reduced construction costs.