1. Project name: Connecting road from Noi Bai airport to Nhat Tan bridge
  2. Location: Soc Son dist. And Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi city
  3. Year of commencement: 2011
  4. Year of completion: 2014

Highlight of the project:

The project has a total investment of 6,742 billion dong. The total route length is 12.1 km. The main road section is designed according to the main main street standard, the design speed V = 80Km / h. The main road has 6 motor lanes with modern lighting system and green trees arranged continuously on both sides of the road;

This is the first project to be routed and presented directly by 3D animation on satellite images (using Google Earth software). In the preliminary design phase, the use of satellite imagery with updated image data with an accuracy equivalent to a 1/5000 map scale has saved a lot of time and effort in surveying.

 Moreover, the construction of 3D animations directly on the satellite image makes the alignment reporting becomes intuitive and vivid; help leaders at all levels make decisions quickly and accurately;

This is also the first project to apply a civilized tunnel structure to vehicles traveling with a height of the top of the tunnel lower than the natural ground, with a collection tank with an underground pump. This design solution does not enhance the main road surface, and still meet the travel and production needs of the people on both sides of the route. This solution has been highly appreciated by Department of Science and Technology – Ministry of Transport and recommended to apply in designing highway;