1. Name of the project: Ring Road III expansion Investment project, section of Mai Dich – Thang Long bridge
  2. Location: Hanoi city
  3. Year of commencement: 2017
  4. Year of completion: 2020 (expected)

Highlight of the project:

The project has a length of about 5.5 km. The main viaduct section is built on the scale of a 4-lane highway with a design speed of 100km / h. The lower part of the road will be upgraded to become a main urban road of grade I, with a design speed of 80km / h and the width of the road bed will vary from 56m to 93.5m. The total investment of the project is VND 3,113 billion, using state budget capital.

Application of science, technology and advanced software:

Use Civil 3D design software to design the longitudinal elevation  connection between the main bridge and the RAM branch.