1. Name of the project: Preparation of FS Report and Detailed Design of Berth No.2 Vung Ang Port.
  2. Location: Ha Tinh province
  3. Year of commencement:
  4. Year of completion: 2009

Project details:

The Berth No.2  of Vung Ang port is 275m long, can accommodate vessels of 45,000 DWT.

The project includes yard reclamation and embankments to protect banks, yards in the port, dredge water areas, breakwaters …

TEDI services provided in the project: Collect and process topographic, meteorological, hydrographic and geological data and conduct additional surveys of water level, flow and wave levels. Researching wave field, currents, sediments on MHT; Prepare the feasibility study report; Technical Design and Deteailed design.

  • Studying wave field impacting on the study area under natural conditions and with-works conditions by MIKE 21 software.
  • Studying the port plans and breakwaters to find the best plan
  • Studying structural options of ports and breakwaters, selecting the optimal plan for detailed design