1. Project name: Flyover at Nguyen Binh Khiem – Dinh Vu intersection
  2. Location: Hai Phong city
  3. Year of commencement: 2017
  4. Year of completion: 2017

Highlights of the project

Flyover at Nguyen Binh Khiem – Dinh Vu ontersection is designed with the entire length of the bridge Ltc = 252.2m. The bridge has a hollow cast in place PC slab beam on, with 7 spans, each span is 35m long. The total width of the bridge cross section is 18.5m.

Description of advanced science, technology and software applications:

The Flyover was constructed in just 6 months to put the project into operation soon because this intersection has the largest number of container lorries in the North.

The main bridge was modeled and calculated by RM V8i software, local calculated by Midas FEA; pile foundation was caculated by FB Pier. In the construction phase, control and calculation of camber by RM V8i.