1. Project name: Co Ma Tunnel  on NH1
  2. Location: Van Ninh Dist, Khnh Hoa Province
  3. Year of commencement: 2013
  4. Year of completion:2015

Highlights of the project

The length of Co Ma tunnel is 500m. Cross section of tunnel section: consists of 2 single tunnels, the distance between two single tunnel from the center line is 30.44m. The cross section of each tunnel is designed to ensure clearance for 2 lanes (2 × 3.5m), the total width of the road in the tunnel is Bm = 8.5m.

Description of advanced science, technology and software applications:

 The project is designed with advanced tunneling technology solution in the world by NATM method.

The tunnel’s door landscape is designed in an environmentally friendly manner, close to nature, preserving the maximum natural state of the location of the tunnel’s door.

The alignment and construction location of the tunnel are selected to minimize the effects of groundwater, aquifers, areas with many rolling stones and dump rocks.

Applying NATM method helps speed up construction time, reduces construction cost.

Using the differential blasting solution to control the amount of explosives and the differential time to ensure the safety of the North-South railway close to the location of Co Ma tunnel.

Applying the energy dissipation solution to treat the aqueduct slot at the north hatch of Co Ma tunnel.

Designing the central control system for operation house ensuring safety, efficiency and high automation during tunnel operation.

Applying the solution of temporary ventilation for many stages in the construction stage of the North gate of Deo Ca tunnel, using the horizontal tunnel as the service road, coordinating the construction between the two tunnel pipes.