1. Project name: My Loi Bridge, at  Km34+826.0 – NH 50
  2. Location: National Highway No. 50,  Long An province  and Tien Giang province.
  3. Year of commencement: 2014
  4. Year of completion: 2015

Highlights of the project

The main bridge structure has 3 spans of reinforced concrete box girder bridge with cantilever balance of 75 + 120 + 75m; The total length of the bridge is 1421.96m. Bridge cross-section is 12m wide.

Description of advanced science, technology and software application

The original My Loi Bridge project was approved with the main bridge using 3 spans of 3x150m steel Nielsen arch bridge,. It was completed the construction of the approach bridge and approach road packages.

However, due to capital constraints, the project was suspended. At the request of the Ministry of Transport, the Project made adjustments to implement in the form of BOT contract.
After the adjustment research process, the Ministry of Transport has agreed the main bridge is  balanced cantilever box girder bridge (75 + 120 + 75m) to ensure the feasibility of the investment project in the form of BOT.

Technology solutions that have been researched and applied:

    • Continued use of the Super T span structure for approach bridges to reduce time and cost;
    • Take advantage of the pile foundations which were constructed in the previous step;
    • Take full advantage of the survey drilling data at the piers that were carried out in the previous steps;
    • Adjust the span length of Super T beam structure at adjacent spans on both sides of the main bridge without changing the beam length by increasing the apertures of Super T beam span.

According to the design results, using 2  spans  of 45m long right after the main bridge span for each approach bridge (still using super T beam with aperture of 38.3m)