1. Name of the project: Pleiku bypass project, belongs to the Ho Chi Minh highway project.
  2. Location: Gia Lai province
  3. Year of commencement: 2016
  4. Year of completion: 2019

Project details:

Starting point (Km0 + 000): Km1581 + 000 (according to the current Ho Chi Minh highway).

End point (Km30 + 260): The location of the intersection with NH19 is at about Km184 + 700 – of NH19. The intersection is located in Chu Prong district, about 5.2 km west of Ham Rong junction.

Route length: 30.26 km

Scale and technical standards:

Completion scale: 80-100 km highway, including 4-6 lanes.

Scale of the first phase: Grade IV road with a design speed of 60-80km / h, the width of the road bed B = 9m, including 2 motor lanes (TCVN 4054-2005). Particularly, the elements of the road surface are considered and applied according to the size of the expressway so that it can be fully utilized when upgrading and expanding according to the planning scale in the future.

Total investment:

Total investment value is: 844,630,000,000 VND (In words: Eight hundred and forty four billions, six hundred and thirty millions Vietnamese Dong only).